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About Me

whole foods
After receiving my  M.S. in nutrition from Eastern Michigan University along with my Registered Dietitian credentials I felt a piece of what I so longed to understand was missing. I felt in my soul there was more to nutrition than what I had been taught in textbooks, so listening to this calling I went on to study with the Integrative and Function Nutrition Academy. It was through these courses that I truly began to learn what it meant to use of food as medicine. With an ever growing curiosity for healing naturally I enrolled in, and graduated from the Women's Functional & Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program, founded and taught by the one and only Dr. Aviva Romm.  During this training program I discovered that my love for botanical medicine (once held only for my personal life) held an integral place in my professional life. I realized that by blending what I knew about food as medicine, and my passion for the power of botanical medicine I could truly help my clients thrive. In coming to this realization I have gone on to further my intuitive relationship with botanical medicine, as well as my clinical understanding, by completing a botanical medicine apprenticeship with Yahola Herbal School, and also studying once again under Dr. Aviva Romm through her Herbal Medicine for Women course. 
You can be WHOLE.

Too often in life we look externally for answers to what we need, from doctors & diagnoses, to advice from friends, and google. We seek THE answer. I believe the answers are within us. 


We are born with an innate knowing of what our body needs, and along the way voices of society dampen, drown out, and often times completely suffocate that knowing. My goal is to guide you back to that knowing. To help you reconnect you to YOU. To your OWN inner healer, to your undeniable knowing of what it is your body as an individual needs.  


The answers you've been seeking all along are within, we just need to peel back some layers to find them.

Blending my training, education, and what we know in science, along with intuition and a strong sense of inner connection we will work together to address your body's needs. Whether you struggle with digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, low energy, weight, etc., I believe you CAN return to wholeness.


I simply don't accept living life in fear of the unknown, in pain, discomfort, or embarrassment, and I do not accept that ailments can only be managed with pharmaceuticals.  I do however, accept that the body knows how to heal, and if we really, really listen to it, it can tell us exactly what it needs.


Imagine what life could feel like fully energized, healthy, strong, EMPOWERED, and in a body that makes you feel amazing.

Guiding you in your transformation would be an honor!

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