About Kristen

whole foods
Kristen is a Massachusetts based Registered Dietitian who received her M.S. in nutrition from Eastern Michigan University. She is an advocate for local, sustainably grown, organic foods; and some day dreams of having her own farm, but for now will settle for a few small raised garden beds and a couple of chickens. 
You can be healthy.

Too often we tell ourselves we'll take better care of ourselves tomorrow, or once this certain time period is over, or once things get less crazy at work, or school, or home, or whatever it is that might be going on in our lives. Life is precious, and too often we suffer too long with uncomfortable, and even debilitating symptoms from what we are told are simply common, (and sometimes uncommon) health issues. We live in a society where we are taught to settle and just get used to our ailments because that is our life, and aside from medications there isn't much that can be done.


I don't accept that answer. I don't accept that just because something is common it is also considered normal. I don't accept living life in fear of the unknown, or living in pain and discomfort. I don't accept managing ailments with medications that need their own medications to manage side effects. I do however, accept that healing takes really hard work and dedication, but that it can be done.


Imagine what life could feel like fully energized, healthy, and free from illness, free from pain and fear of sudden urges to use the bathroom, living life in a body that makes you feel amazing, or a life with happy, healthy children... Just imagine the possibilities....

Let me help you get back to living your life freely. It won't be easy and it won't be quick, but we can do some amazing things.