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Family Nutrition Counseling

Family Wellness 


Complimentary Discovery Session

Let's chat! We can meet in-person, or do a live HIPAA compliant video chat. I know life gets crazy, especially with a family, so we can schedule our session via whatever method is most convenient for you.  This half hour session is purely to get to know one another and see if we would work well together.

The Flourishing Family - Basic Package

Creating healthy habits is so much easier when everyone is on board. Whether you are concerned about a picky eater (no one is too old to be a picky eater, so this includes dad’s too!), weight loss, unexplained health issues, or just looking to create healthy family eating values I am happy to work with everyone in your family.



  • 1 comprehensive 1.5 hr initial consultation

  • 6, 1 hr follow-up sessions to be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly based on needs determined during initial consultation


* Insurance, Flex, & HSA reimbursement forms can be provided upon request 

*All Sessions expire 6 months from date of purchase. All unused sessions will be forfeited after 6 months.

Food is Fun! 6 Month Experience

What if you were able to make just one meal for everyone in the family to enjoy, and enjoy that meal without frustration and fighting. What if you no longer had to worry about your child’s inability to gain weight, or the fact they have gained a bit too much weight.  What if you could watch your family’s health flourish just by making a few changes in diet. Just imagine what that would be like. A family that is healthy, full of energy and life, and free from the emotional stress of the unknown, now that would be incredible.  It won’t be quick or easy, but together we can get you there.



  • 1 comprehensive 1.5hr initial consultation for the family

  • 12 Bi-weekly 1 hr follow-up sessions

  • 1 Family meal planning session

  • 1 Pantry cleaning session & grocery shopping trip to the store of your choice

  • 1 Meal prep session- get the kids in the kitchen!

  • 1 Hands on, in-home lesson for creating healthy snacks and remedies. Kids can join!

  • Access to Pocket Rd Subscription for support in-between sessions


* Payment Plans are accepted, please contact to inquire

* Insurance, Flex, & HSA reimbursement forms can be provided for nutrition counseling sessions only upon request 

* All sessions must be used within 8 months from date of purchase, any unused sessions will be forfeited

Pocket RD

Sometimes we just need a little extra support as we go along our daily lives. There is so much information out there about health and diet that it is hard to know what to believe. I designed the PocketRD service just for this reason. It's like having your very own personal dietitian in your back pocket (or purse)!

Send questions regarding dieting fads, photo's of food products, ask for recommendations on supplements or natural remedies, and get same day feedback. The possibilities for using this tool are endless. What could make navigating the world of health and nutrition easier than that?! 


  • Unlimited feedback messaging per month

  •  1, 15 minute introductory call to get you started


Price: $99/month


* Pocket RD messages are responded to daily between the hours of 7am and 7pm M-F with limited availability on weekends. Response times vary, but can typically be expected within 3 hours of client posting.

*Subscription will bill automatically each month until cancelled

Online Dispensary

I believe everyone should have access to high quality, affordable supplements. Check out my online dispensary for 35% off retail prices for all probiotics, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more. I have my list of favorite products you can browse, or order your own personal favorites :)

Please know I do not make a penny off the sales, I truly just want my clients to have access to the best products out there!

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