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Self-Guided Wellness Programs

Image by Brooke Lark

Personalized Mini  Plan

A starting place to reconnect with your body through the use of food as medicine.  


If you're feeling the call to reconnect with your body, but are looking for a gentle place to start this plan is perfect for you. 

Using my intuition, along with my formal education and training, I will create a nutrition plan tailored specifically to you that will act as a guide as you embark on your journey to reconnecting with your body & health. 


Your personalized plan will include a list of foods to avoid in your daily diet, as well as a list of foods for you to focus on nourishing yourself with abundantly. You may also find that I recommend nourishing herbs and earth practices as a way of bringing you back to mother Earth for even further healing and connection.

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Detox Support Made Simple.

No Fancy Juices Required


Our detoxification systems are COMPLEX, but support for it doesn't have to be. Adding in the right foods and nutrients, in the right quantities can give a sluggish, overburdened system a quick little boost when it's needed most. 


This is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for a sustainable short (or long) term way to easily support your natural detoxification system

  • You've have a known recent exposure to, or ingestion of, toxic environmental chemicals including but not limited to:

    • pesticides, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals, high VOC paints, etc.

  • You want to prepare your body's detoxification system for a potential exposure to toxins (ex. a job that will put you in direct contact with chemicals)

  • You feel low in energy despite a "clean" diet

  • You simply want to optimize your health


***Please note that this is not a "detox", but a simple and powerful way to enhance your body's natural process for detoxifying. 

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